The Voigtmann GmbH is an owner-run, medium-sized and certificated IT system house that develops and operates individual software and IT solutions for business clients. We have extensive know-how in the conception, programming, implementation and operation of mobile software applications, complex databases and secure data networks and are a business partner of, among others, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Cisco, Watchguard and Apple.

Integrated fields of services:
Software development and Managed services

The Voigtmann GmbH provides products and services of complementary fields of services: On the one hand, this is the client-individual software development and on the other hand, the system integration. The completion of these two fields of the information technology is the source of our extensive know-how. The longtime and subject-specific experience join the fields of services together to one integrated profile: Who knows and masters the daily requirements of the technical operation is also able to design and create highly individual software solutions and reliable IT systems for the productive use in business.

Individualized digital innovations –
for a new generation of business ideas.
We are with you every step of the way.