Software development


Attributes of modern software development

Modern Software development is essentially characterized by two attributes: object-oriented programming and the separation of the individual logical layers into presentation, application and data access layer. Further quality attributes like modularization, versioning and documentation of the source code are just as much part of our standard as a purposeful project management.


Formalization of the development process

Due to the high complexity of modern applications, nowadays, much attention needs to be paid to the development process itself. Especially for projects on which several developers are working at the same time, it is important to formalize the process right from the beginning, so that subsequently an efficient collaboration between the individual developers is possible.


Consequences of missing formalization

Even though every developer would get by within his or her field of activity also without this formalization, grave compatibility problems would arise later when configurating the system. Aftereffects would be unexpected detentions in the completion of the system, a bad maintainability and only limited possibilities of extension.


Services software development

» System analysis
» Software architecture
» Database design
» Software design
» Implementation
» Test and Review
» Implementation and productive operation
» Maintenance and care
» Documentation
» Second and Third Level Support
» Reengineering
» Usability design