Service level agreements


Service level as service quality

A service level represents a measurable quantity of a service in reference to its quality. It serves first and foremost the buying department for the standardization and therewith for the comparability essentially when purchasing IT services.


Definition of IT services by service level agreements

An IT service is composed of a combination of persons, processes and technologies and should be defined by a service level agreement (SLA). An IT service is according to the service concept offered as a concluded unity similar to a product. The client receives a service as defined in the SLAs (e. g. reaction times of the support) for an agreed price and the contracting party guarantees that it will abide by this agreement.


Centralization of service processes

Special attention is thereby paid to the so-called shared services. The term shared services describes the consolidation and centralization of service processes of an enterprise. Thereby, homogenous processes from different fields of a company or an organization are combined and provided by a central location or an external service provider. The offering location is generally called a shared service center, short SSC. The departments which make use of the services are in a kind of client relationship to the SSC.