System integration


Increasing complexity

The requirements for modern information technology infrastructures, information technology security and information technology solutions in the business environment become more and more complex. In this, high availability, security, scalability, easy implementation, as well as the smooth cooperation of the individual components are the central challenges.


IT system solutions

IT system integration deals, in detail, with the planning, conceiving, provisioning, configuration, integration and implementing of complex IT system solutions. This concerns IT systems which are composed of a multiplicity of individual components and which are applied in technical and commercial applications in companies.


Our support concerning the infrastructure

We are partner in the development of integrated
IT network solutions which facilitate the installation of a reliable, flexible and easy to administrate infrastructure.


Services system integration

Server systems
IT security
Firewall, VPN connection
LAN/WAN infrastructures
Encryption, certificates
Spam/Virus protection
IP telephone systems
Notebooks, workstations
Data storage
Data backup
Pressure sewer systems