Second and Third Level Support


First Level Support

The first level support is the first contact point for all incoming support requests, for the recording and processing of which our employees in the system operation are responsible. In team work and with the aid of knowledge data bases, a solution can be found quickly for most problems. In the case of more complex problems, the first level support receives assistance by the second level support.


Second Level Support

The second level support assists the first level support through on-the-job trainings, as well as through the documentation of newly elaborated solutions in order to make applicable the knowledge for the first level support. If the complexity of a request exceeds the know-how or the technical capabilities of the second level support, it is forwarded to the third level support. Also tickets which solutions require an interference with the program logic or the database are forwarded to the third level support.


Third Level Support

The third level support is composed of specialists of our software development or rather that of the producer and presents the highest level of escalation within our support organization.