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Know-how ist nicht nur eine Floskel: mit wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen und Fachvorträgen trägt Voigtmann auch im Wissenschaftsbetrieb dazu bei, die Themen Software und IT nach vorne zu bringen. Davon profitieren alle – und natürlich vor allem unsere Kunden.

Meinert Jordan, Peter Voigtmann, Georg Michelson, Bernhard Schmauss
Non-mydriatic wide field fundus camera with flexible shape field of view
ARVO 2018 Annual Meeting, Honolulu

Non-mydriatic type fundus photography offers significantly less stress to patients in screening while it is limited in imaging area. We’ve integrated a digital micromirror device (DMD) into our camera design to get an arbitrary field of view (FOV) and fixation mark. Therefore, we are able to record an image of 68°x60° from three shots.

Georg Michelson, Peter Voigtmann, Bernhard Schmauss
Low-cost non-mydriatic color video imaging of the retina for nonindustrialized countries
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2015

Tele-ophthalmology requires low-cost devices that are easy to use and robust. A new imaging method was invented and applied, which is capable of acquiring wide-field color fundus images with 68 × 18° field of view at pupil sizes of only 2 mm. As a consequence, there was no need for pupil dilatation or darkened examination rooms. Furthermore, many images could be taken in immediate succession, and videos could be acquired, which is not possible with many conventional non-mydriatic fundus cameras. We realized a demonstrator that could be produced for about 5,000 US$. It is relatively robust against mechanic shocks, because it internally has only one moving component. The camera was tested successfully at 27 subjects.

Bernhard Hoeher, Peter Voigtmann, Georg Michelson, Bernhard Schmauss
Non-mydriatic, wide field, fundus video camera
SPIE BiOS, 2014, San Francisco, California, United States

We describe a method we call "stripe field imaging" that is capable of capturing wide field color fundus videos and images of the human eye at pupil sizes of 2mm. This means that it can be used with a non-dilated pupil even with bright ambient light. We realized a mobile demonstrator to prove the method and we could acquire color fundus videos of subjects successfully. We designed the demonstrator as a low-cost device consisting of mass market components to show that there is no major additional technical outlay to realize the improvements we propose. The technical core idea of our method is breaking the rotational symmetry in the optical design that is given in many conventional fundus cameras. By this measure we could extend the possible field of view (FOV) at a pupil size of 2mm from a circular field with 20° in diameter to a square field with 68° by 18° in size. We acquired a fundus video while the subject was slightly touching and releasing the lid. The resulting video showed changes at vessels in the region of the papilla and a change of the paleness of the papilla.

Peter Voigtmann, Thomas Zeller
6. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik Medien - Märkte - Mobilität
Fachvortrag: Beiträge zur Integrationsproblematik im Kontext von Electronic Business und Elektronischen Marktplätzen Dresden 2003-09-17