Master display


Automated monitoring

With our virtual master display, the condition of your most important business systems - server and workstations - can be monitored easily and efficiently. Our proactive monitoring tools for the server and workstation security, the hardware and hard-disk performance, applications as well as client-specific software help our specialists to prevent problems in advance. The risk of having to undertake expensive repairs and/or suffer a loss of reputation is therewith reduced to a minimum.


Inventory tracking and inventory management

The inventory tracking and inventory management tools of the virtual master display serve to automatically monitor your networks. The function is completely integrated into the remote management dashboard, so that our specialists can display at a glance detailed information concerning the software and hardware inventory.


Warnings and status display

With the options for the warnings and status display of the virtual master display, we control all networks which are under our maintenance, in a flexible way and around the clock. The instant alerts immediately call the attention to problems by email or text message. At the same time, the status of the clients' systems can be checked in different ways.


Report generation

The report tools of the master display facilitate the drawing of graphically processed reports which illustrate the developments in the system performance. Our clients regularly receive these reports.